CORDOVA, Tenn. (WVLT) — Tennessee police said a 12-year-old mother is safe after disappearing from her home on Tuesday morning.

According to CBS affiliate WREG, the child, who has a three-month-old baby, was found in Arkansas hours after she disappeared with a grown man.

Police said the girl’s mother called around 4:30 a.m. after she realized her daughter wasn’t in her room. She believes the girl may have jumped out of the window and run away.

WREG reported the mother told investigators that her daughter was off medication she’s supposed to take for depression and anxiety.

Police have not said how the 12-year-old ended up in a home in West Memphis with a man or how the man is connected to the girl.

A neighbor said the situation makes her feel uneasy. "I feel really bad for her. Something is going really wrong there anyway for her to be a 12 years old and have a child of her own."

WREG reported that the girl had been taken to the Crittenden County Juvenile Detention Center, but did not say if she was facing any charges. The man she was with is not.

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