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A decision by Lincoln Memorial University to discontinue its music major, along with four other majors, is now getting blowback from students who do not want to see it go away.

Jessie Lear, a student at Lincoln Memorial University, posted a petition on the website Change.org to “consider the vote to shut down the music major at LMU.”

“This a devastating blow to many, including myself,” Lear said in a Facebook post. “I am a pre-vet student, yes, but the music program has provided me with the unlimited support, stress relief, and encouragement through my challenging curriculum.”

LMU made the announcement Wednesday that it would be discontinuing the music major, along with the organizational learning and leadership, philosophy and religion, athletic training and health majors.

Kate Reagan, spokeswoman for LMU, said many are having an emotional reaction to the announcement. Reagan said she thinks many construe that music is going away.

“That’s not the case,” she said.

She said there was a general review of the majors and there was no one main reason on discontinuing the majors.

“There were various reasons,” she said.

Some of the majors were discontinued due to low enrollment, some due to changes in the profession and other reasons, she said. In a press release, the university described it as a “lengthy review.”

According to the release, any students currently enrolled in these majors will be able to continue the major until they graduate.

The press release also states that ending the music major does not affect music ensembles at LMU, such as the concert band, the pep band, the Tri-State Community Chorus and other ensembles.

“Personally though, I do not see how this is possible,” Lear wrote. “Without a major, there is no need for professors to teach. Without those professors, there are no musical groups.”

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