South Korea says North stole cryptocurrency worth billions of won last year

South Korea said on Monday that North Korea last year stole cryptocurrency from the South worth billions of won and that it was still trying to hack into its exchanges. “North Korea sent emails that could hack into cryptocurrency exchanges and their customers’ private information and stole (cryptocurrency) worth billions of won,” said Kim Byung-kee, a member of South Korea’s parliamentary intelligence committee. To put “billions” in perspective, 1 billion won equals $917,400. Kim did not disclose which exchanges were hacked. He added that the country’s spy agency assumed that North Korea was continuously trying to hack into exchanges to steal cryptocurrency and that it was trying its best to… Read More

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Significant ash falls near erupting Philippine volcano

LEGAZPI, Philippines – A significant amount of ash has fallen on towns near the Philippines’ most active volcano after energetic eruptions of lava from the crater. Mount Mayon in northeastern Albay province has been erupting more than two weeks, and 84,000 people who fled are staying in schools and other crowded shelters. The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology said one large lava eruption lasted more than an hour and a half late Monday. The ash plume reached 1.5 kilometers (.9 miles) above the crater and caused significant ashfall in the towns of Camalig and Guinobatan. The government has raised the possibility of creating a permanent “no man’s land” around… Read More

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Oscars 2018 Winners & Highlights - Biography

2018 Academy Award Nominations Announced

The 2018 Academy Award nominations were announced this morning and The Shape of Water leads the pack with 13 nods. The full list of nominees can be found below. Guillermo del Toro’s horror/fantasy/romance received the most nominations, including nods for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, and Best Original screenplay. Dunkirk followed with eight nominations, including Best Picture and Best Director. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, a favorite before the nominations, received seven nominations, but was shut out of the Best Director category. Other big contenders include Phantom Thread (six nominations), Darkest Hour (six nominations) Lady Bird (five nominations), Get Out (four nominations), and… Read More

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What Are The Benefits Of Cordova TN Housing?

There are many great options for Cordova TN housing. And when you are interested in finding a great choice for you and your family, there are many benefits to doing so. No matter what size your family is and the type of housing that you desire, you will notice there are some nice housing opportunities in the area. Read on to learn about the benefits of Cordova TN housing. One nice thing about the housing options in Cordova is they come in a wide range of prices. This means that no matter what your budget is, you can find a great place to live in the area. Before looking, though,… Read More

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Apartments in Tennessee

How to Save While Living in Apartments in Tennessee

While finding apartments in cordova you have to be very mindful about two facts to save cash every month in the fuel. These are the distance of your apartment from your job and the transportation available in the area. These two things if you are able to provision them successfully in your new accommodation, your life can be easier and less money you will spend on travelling. As far as your job is concerned, it is a daily matter and you cannot squeeze it into one trip a week or once in ten days. Now going every day to a place that is at a considerable distance from home, consumes a… Read More

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Apartments in Cordova

Preparing the Documents of Apartments in Cordova

Documentation of an apartment that you are going to rent is a necessary legal requirement and you need to cover this step in an efficient manner and with full honesty to avoid any mishap in the future and in order to be able to complete the process of renting in a short time. When you start finding apartments in cordova, keep your documents handy by preparing them fully and before time. There are many benefits of this advanced preparation of the papers you need for legal purpose. You can easily rent an apartment without wasting your time. Sometimes the opportunity is missed only because you are late in preparing the… Read More

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Tennessee for Living

When to Start Searching Appartments in Tennessee for Living

Time plays a great role in keeping the search of an apartment fruitful. If you give yourself sufficient time you can find a good option within your budget limits and with the amenities that are convenient and sufficient. You may not be a perfect apartment hunter in order to find an excellent apartment but only by giving yourself enough time to search and measure your options let you sort out the units that you have searched and pick one good out of them all. When you want to or need to relocate, start your home search efforts well before the actual date of shifting. These early efforts for finding apartments… Read More

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Within Your Budget

Why You Need to Rent Apartments in Cordova Within Your Budget

You prepare great plans and intend to work hard and do a part time job as well other than your regular full time job in order to be able to pay the rent which is slightly higher than what you have been paying in your current apartment. You make your calculations of the rent and start mentally getting ready to work more and earn more in order to be able to enjoy the life in apartments in Tennessee. Though, planning for your new home and intending to work more is not something bad but it can be a difficult target to meet.

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